Transform Energy Demand into Opportunity

GridBeyond™ formerly Endeco Technologies, unlocks powerful, long-term, recurring revenue streams from Grid Operators for significant industrial and commercial energy users.

We achieve this by enabling companies across a range of sectors to participate in demand side response schemes. These grid-balancing mechanisms deliver generous financial incentives in return for changes in the way businesses use electricity. This contributes to a more sustainable, balanced energy system.


GridBeyond delivers us a monthly Revenue.
Their platform connects our facilities to National Grid, manages and monitors our energy for Scheme participation.
Steve Webster, Category Purchasing Manager, Brakes Group
Optimise Your Assets

Optimise Your Assets

The manufacturing industry is, by its very nature, energy intensive. However, we deploy strategies to improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness and can offer a range of energy-related cost efficiencies.

  • Real-time reporting down to the asset level
  • Benchmarking to target under performing sites
  • Preventative maintenance
Available Schemes
Smart Tariffs

Smart Tariffs

Our advanced EnergyConnect platform allows us to save you money by optimising the way you consume electricity. We work with your organisation to optimise the commercial opportunities available from smart tariffing.

  • Peak tariff avoidance  
  • Instant energy savings 
  • Optimised energy strategies 
Available Schemes
Earn Revenue

Maximise Your Grid Revenue

The financial and operational benefits for companies participating in grid balancing schemes can be very significant for every megawatt (MW) of average onsite energy consumption saved or exported.

  • Significant financial benefits 
  • Operational efficiencies & savings 
  • Long-term revenue streams
Available Schemes
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